I love working with other healing professionals as they grow and evolve in their professional journeys. I use a reflective and relational approach that includes exploring what comes up between us in our work. I also attend to how your and your clients’ social locations (gender, race, class, ability, sexual orientation, etc.) impact the therapeutic field/relationship and your work together.

Areas to explore:

  • Exploring client work- case presenting and reflecting
  • Deepening your clinical listening
  • Supporting you using Self as Therapist (self-disclosure around social locations and identities)
  • Building a more anti-racist practice
  • Addressing whiteness and white supremacy
  • Challenging biases and what is out of your awareness
  • Exploring your goals clinically and professionally
  • Using gestalt and relational theories
  • Using a trauma informed lens
  • Building your transgender/non-binary knowledge and how to be trans-affirming as a cisgender ally

I am grateful for and follow the teachings of thandiwe Dee Watts-Jones, Kenneth Hardy, Resmaa Menakem, Natasha Stoval, Shawna Murray-Browne, Maureen Walker, Robin DiAngelo, and Tara Brach.

If you have a group of clinicians who would like to go through an 8 week supervision group focusing on a particular area of my expertise, you may make a request for this.

I am a white queer therapist who has been receiving supervision from Alison for 3 years. Alison has played a pivotal role in my process around my whiteness and the myriad of ways it shows up for me in clinical spaces – both within the organizational structures I inhabit as well as my relationships with my clients. Alison offers a safe but challenging atmosphere to ask big questions in my work and I’ve grown as a clinician and a human immensely because of it.
Clinical Supervisee
Alison is a ferociously gifted mentor and therapist. In the two years that she offered me clinical supervision, I grew immensely as both a clinician and an emotional being. Interpersonally, her ability to be probing, present and boundlessly empathic is impressive. She holds this while being very in the world, in the field and in community. She always had ideas about how better to connect with other clinicians and recommendations for professional and intellectual resources. Her wisdom and dedication to this work is a real gift.
Clinical Supervisee