I believe that systems of oppression such as White supremacy are making us all sick, generation after generation. Non-profits, philanthropy, medical establishments, psychotherapy, schools, and spiritual spaces all uphold these systems. In collaboration with colleagues of color, I work with organizations and leadership to discover how to dismantle these systems of privilege and begin to build spaces where healing is central and marginalized communities, particularly BIPOC communities, are centered, feel safer, and thrive.

As a White person, I do this work primarily with other White people.I believe that White individuals need to do their own race work first before they can do meaningful cross-racial work. I offer this support. My approach comes out of my therapy and embodiment backgrounds. I believe that anti-racist work is more powerful and sustaining if it starts with White folks unlearing, deconditioning, and healing, which feeds into truer accountability and action. I believe there are aspects of internalized racism that live in our bodies, outside of our awareness, yet inform how we lead, create programs, provide services, raise money, and do relationships. Ultimately it is about shifting power and resources, but it is hard to do this when you do not understand the systemic and personal barriers deliberately in place to maintain White Supremacy. There is a difference between appreciating diversity and recognizing oppression and abuse of power and giving some real things up. I help clients learn this difference.


As with therapy, this work requires long-term commitment of time and resources if you are going feel a real sustainable change. If you do not know where to start, that is ok. We can explore that together.

  • Equity Group Trainings – often co-facilitated with a facilitator of color (minimum of 3-4 sessions, with the possibility for more)
  • Affinity Group Work
  • Change Team/Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee Development 
  • Anti-racist/Equity Coaching for White leaders, individuals or groups 
  • Training on how to become more trans-affirming – often co-facilitated with a trans/non-binary person

I can honestly say that I do not know what I would do without my coaching sessions with Alison. Having been an Executive Director before, I knew that the job can be isolating. I also knew that being a queer Latinx leading an organization through a major organizational culture shift of embodying anti-racism would call for support. Alison has been a tremendous source of guidance, validation, wisdom, and relief. Her style as part coach, part therapist is exactly what I need to sustain and thrive in my role.

Leadership Equity Coaching Client

Working with Alison to take my anti-racism journey to the next level was a great experience. Alison provided a safe and supportive environment for me to explore my motives, ask questions, and find ways to take meaningful steps to be anti-racist while not placing the burden on my friends and colleagues of color in the process.  The resources she provided and the discussions were eye opening and enlightening.  I learned so much about myself in the process and how I can take action in my daily life moving forward.

Leadership Equity Coaching Client