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twig Couples Therapy

During a relationship, couples may experience difficult times when outside support can be useful in resolving important conflicts and differences. Often couples shut down, build silent resentment, or revert to poor communication when a lack of trust, anger, or lack of intimacy has developed.

Couples counseling provides an environment to facilitate open communication in which partners begin to express their needs and resolve these stuck places. Therapy gives couples a space to speak openly and honestly with the support of a structured space and a therapist.

The following are examples of areas where I help couples grow and move through difficult conflicts:
      • Lack of trust
      • Frequent arguments, or a repeated argument about the same issue
      • Affairs, sexual infidelity of one or both partners
      • Feeling isolated and disconnected from ones partner
      • Unfulfilled emotional needs; feeling hurt, angry, neglected or disrespected
      • Conflicts about gambling, addictions or other behaviors
I also work with couples who are not in crisis but want to gain extra support and skills as they move towards a big transition or change in their lives. This can include:
      • Moving in together
      • Making a life commitment
      • Getting married
      • Deciding to have children
      • Becoming new parents
      • Adapting to a partner transitioning
      • Bringing two families together from previous relationships
I am available to work with all kinds of couples including:
      • same sex
      • heterosexual
      • trans couples (one or both)
      • partnered couples
      • interracial couples
      • interclass couples
      • married couples
      • recently engaged or partnered couples
      • polyamorous couples
I pull from several different theoretical models including:
While most of these therapy models were developed using white heterosexual monogamous couples, I have found aspects of the theory very useful for any couple. I also bring an awareness of what it means to be a couple with less privilege in our society and make space for that in our therapy work.

To start, I meet with couples for a free consult where we discuss what your goals are and what you would like from me as your therapist.

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