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twig  My Approach

We often have experiences from our past or present that take up our energy and prevent us from growing in our lives. They can feel upsetting, unsafe, shaming, or preoccupying.  I help clients shift their relationships to these experiences, release this energy, and move towards the lives they truly want to live with partners, family, children, friendships, professionally, and spiritually.

I often tell people that I help clients in the place where justice meets the self.  I pay particular attention to how your identities (class background, race and ethnic identities, other cultural influences, experiences of gender, religion, etc.) bring meaning to your life and shape your experiences.  This may include how your family has experienced discrimination throughout history and what it means for you today.  Bringing in this context gives us a full picture of where your positive places of thriving, intentional resistance, and connection exist within yourself, your family, and your communities.

Yoga, Mindfulness and Breath Work

My work is greatly informed by yoga and mindfulness practices that combine mind/body awareness as a way of healing and managing our lives.  We may pay attention to what goes on physically in your body as we work and do this by slowing down and noticing your experiences moment to moment.  This invites more presence in your life and a way to practice being less affected and attached to overwhelming feelings.  Mindfulness allows you to be more fully in your life with more awareness regardless of what emerges.

I teach and use breathing techniques in my sessions that clients find helpful and applicable to their lives.  Just becoming aware of the breath can be a calming force and help reduce racing thoughts and anxiety.  Learning specific techniques can greatly alter your mood, reactions, and relationships to difficult situations.

Our bodies hold a lot of emotional information and are often the last parts to heal from painful experiences.  At times I will pair breath work with aspects of yoga including teaching certain poses that help with stress/anxiety and depression.  I also use it when clients feel a strong disconnect to their bodies to enhance physical experiences and awareness.